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Public Hearing - Noise Ordinance



 On September 29. 2009  at 7:30 p.m.,

the Paradise  Town Council will hold a  public hearing at

9035 South 100 West, Paradise, Utah

for the purpose of adopting a Noise Ordinance.

 All interested persons shall be given

 an opportunity to be heard.

 Attest: Bev Schiefer, Recorder

 Publication date: September 13, 2009

Proposed Paradise Noise Ordinance 2009-08-28

6 comments to Public Hearing – Noise Ordinance

  • Jennifer Willis

    With the proposed noise ordinance, you are setting the city up for a lawsuit. Does the town of Paradise have that kind of money? You are restricting the people from even driving a car in Paradise. A quiet vacuum is too noisy for Paradise. You can’t require people to be silent without a lot of repercussions.

    The average background noise in a house is 50 dB(A), while a car driving down a street will be measured at 60dBA at a distance of 300 feet. A “quiet” vacuum cleaner will emanate sound at 70dBA, and the same noise level that is attributed to an expressway when standing 100 feet away from it. Trees on a windy day will measure about 55 dBA on a decibel meter.

    No more warming up your car or truck and letting it idle this winter. Especially those noisy diesel motors that require a good warm up before driving. I guess you’ll be taking the Paradise bus to work or you can pay a $100-$250 fine each time you warm up your truck.

    Actually you won’t be able to drive your car in Paradise because our streets aren’t that wide. At 300 feet your average car will register at 60 decibels and the noise ordinance only gives you 50 dBA at 25 feet.

    Good Luck Paradise

  • Jennifer Willis

    There has been some confusion. If any of you get a flier that has names on it, those names DO NOT represent those people that are for or against a noise ordinance. They are only examples of how normal activities will be limited under the proposed noise ordinance.

  • Deniece Kler

    So many nights we listen to incessant dog barking, in fact, it’s going on right now, on a nice Saturday afternoon. My afternoon outside is ruined by someone’s dog. I will keep an open mind about this ordinance, but certainly we can do something about certain noises that affect us all.

  • Derrick Andersen

    It is not the governments role to dictate to the people it is the peoples role to dictate to the government.
    Ever more frequently the city and state are passing judgements and restiricting rights under the guise of nuisence ordinaces these “ordinances” have the same effect as law without the appropriate checks and ballances required to “pass a Law”
    It is obscene if I can be ticketed for a barking dog, who is doing his “job” warning me of intruders or strange activity. then I am strongly against any more rights being taken by the city or the state!

  • Jennifer Conner

    Where were our council members and the mayor last night? We have a public hearing for this and not one of them were there? What about all the people trying to run for office, I saw a few of them there, but not many.

  • Crosby

    It’s Paradise for heaven’s sake. A dog barking at night – unless it’s non stop every night is part of the ticket that I bought into when I moved here.